onsdag 3. juli 2013


Summer is sitting on the porch enjoying my new favourite food, cloudberries on cottage cheese. They smell and taste sweet summer, the gold of the marches! The summer weather is abit on and off, mostly off, but the Multestua dogs are out having fun. Here are some updates from their adventures.

Vilja - N UCH SE U(u)CH Multestua Dansende Avilja Pirat was Best of Breed in Tromsø one Friday. With a fantastic critique, she was also placed on saturday and sunday with 4th and 3de Best Bitch.
Two weeks later Vilja was in Finland on the international show in Rovaniemi, and again Best Bitch, CAC, CACIB and at least one new title: C.I.E. (International show chapion.)

Bella (Multestua Mattykaisa's Bella) was BOS puppy Friday and Saturday with lovely critiques. She is so sweet! 

Strauss - Aust CH Multestua Dancing Piratehas earned his RAE title, which is the highest title in Rally obenience. He needs pass in both Advance class and Excellent class at the same competision, several times (Is it four times Sandi?).
Strauss also had his RATG pass. (Basic retrievertest)
Strauss' offsprings in Oz are growing nicly, and are healthy and happy dogs.

Asaja - N VCH Multestua Dansende Asaja Pirat had her debut in a norwegian official retriever hunt trial "B-prøve". The first test in Kongsvinger she did great work until the freesearch in the end. For some reason she did not understand the task, and Heidi chose to stop and take the nil. Luckily Asaja decided not to come in to heat after all (like we though she did in the mid June). Therefor they got a new chance in a test two weeks later in Elverum. This time her markings on both water and land, her blind and the free search was high quality work. And she was rewarded with a 1. prize. Need I say I am proud of Asaja and all her good qualityes! <3 Also I am very thankfull to Heidi for working with her, Geir for helping them every day and Sanna Hallgren and Åse Tøfte as their main instructoers. :-)

Now we are hoping that Asaja will come into heat, the sooner the better. We are dreaming of talented lovely puppies from Asaja and Wallace:

 The pedigree you can see here.

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