mandag 10. desember 2012

Førjulstreff hos Arrak!

I have such wonderfull owners too my first litter! :-D  We have some tradisions already: before Christmas we get invited too Anne Kristin and Arrak in Asker. This year Heidi and Asaja couldn't come. And ofcourse Strauss in Australia and Vilja in Tromsø live to far away. But Kira, Kathrine, Arrak, and his whole family, Kaisa and I had a great time. First we do some activitys outside, yesterday we had a good long walk on Konglungen, where the dogs could play and have fun. After that we go inside for "gløgg" and gingerbread, porrige and "fenalår".

Kaisa is in heat and are ready to be breed, she will have her insemination today or tomorrow, the coat gives a kind of protections against flirtation, and Arrak is so well behaved. (He is intact).

Fine Multestua hundene, Kira, Arrak og Kaisa. Kaisa on the right with her two offsprings Kira and Arrak.

Running, playing and having fun.

She is adorable! Kira crawls in the snow. :-)

I love this "gang"! 

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