onsdag 21. mars 2012

Rally-Lydighet og Jakt cup.

I have taken a look at the number of hits on this blog, and I discovered that almost 50 % of my visitors come from USA, Australia and some Europian countries. So I have decided that from time to time I'll share some of my news and thougths in English. Time will show how often but most Norwegians understad English perfectly. So it's mostly a matter of how much I want to practise my English. 
First some news about our boy in Oz, they have had a big Dog Show in Western Australia. The Western class show. Strauss did very well all three days, he was BOB at the show and he won the Novice class in obedience. 
Strauss' first girlfriend is confirmed pregnant, the vet don't expect it to be a big litter. I am so excited! And keep my fingers crossed that everything will go well with the puppies, if they are two or five doesn't matter, as long as they are vital and healthy. <3 Still around 4,5 week before we know.

Following is some pictures from Drammen Hundefestival and the Rally-Obedience. Saturday Kaisa came 2nd in class 1 with 198/200 points. And qualified for class 2. So Sunday we chose to start in class 2 and again we came 2nd, this time with 194/200 points - 3 points lost was shame on the handler for stopping her from jumping a second time on the obstacle, by using a corrective tone. :-( We vere close to the next sign so I could and should insted have given her a heel comand. Note that Kaisa find jumping to be fun, except for in the regular obedience program :-p
Well as said we came second, onle beaten by our very own Arrak!!! :-D (Kaisas son)

Next time you will se us in Rally-O class 3! 
Multestua Dansende Arrak Pirat and his mother N UCH SE U(U) CH N SE VCH Shaggy Toller's Keehnu Dancing Zeta

Kaisa and me in the ring on Saturday.

Our friends Kate and Vilja, going a shift of side in front, in Elite class.

Arrak and AK in class two on Saturday. 

Last weekend the Retrieverhunt cup started. The classes are named after berries, first Blueberry, then Strawberry and finally Cloudberry. Kaisa was last years winner of the Strawberry class so this year she is competing with the best. :-) This first task was a test of steadiness both walking on line, and sitting in line. When dummies rain down all over the place. Kaisa and her friend (niese) Zarah both got full pot 20 points. 

Kaisa in front, then Zarah, Inger Helene and Brit Eli, with a little Chesapeak on her lap. :-)

We had a really nice time in the sun and all the dogs in all the classes did well. I think it was a total of 26 dogs entered. See results and lots of beautifull pictures. After the cup we had a nice training session in Elverum, with cold game: duck, pigeon and pheasant. It's so good the spring is here and again it's time to do Retrieverwork. How will this season be, will we be ready for open class? We will start the season with some hun-tests in Sweden and Denmark this spring, it will give us some answers on how much training that will be needed before entering Open class. I forgot to mention that Vera and the Labradors, and I had a really nice training session in Skarnes the day before, also with cold game, doing both surch and direction training with the birds. Kaisa, Isak and Sami worked together.

Well this weekend is tha last weekend on the instructor education program. Two more days with learning and practising then excam on sunday. I feel I am a bit behind in preparations, but I hope I will pass the excaminations. It's both teoretical and practical instruction of a dog and handler, and a written excam. That's my cue for returning to the books. ;-)

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  1. Now you`re blogging in English. I`am impressed!
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