lørdag 16. august 2014

Blodsporprøven 2014 - Tracking competition 2014

 Her er noen bilder fra Norsk Retrieverklubb avdeling Kongsvinger og omegn sin blodsporprøve på Finnskogen i slutten av juni.
Man kan også lese om prøven her. Der ligger det fullstendig resultatliste.
Bhest was not entered to the competition, but mum being away from earlie morning to late in the evening he offcourse had to come along. This is in the evening before we go home, they did get to swim and have some fun. :-D

Kaisa loves to swim, she can easily swim for 30 minutes in calm water like this, without coming in to shore. And this summer several times she has been swimming for 1,5 hour with only small breaks together with me. She doesn't get tired or bored. ;-) Bhest has also been building up his swimming skills and his endurance through the summer.
This is the three best lokal dogs. First we have Anne with Sako the labrador who was nr 3. Heidi with Asaja (N VCH N UCH Multestua Dansende Asaja Pirat) nr 2. And Then Kaisa and me. Clubchampion 2014.
I'm very pleased with my girl.  She is occupied looking at a treat. ;-)
Well done Kaisa!
The three judges behind: Bjørn Sørlie, Knut Silihagen, Magne Øystein Fjeld. In front with a shared first place was Shaggy Toller's Keehnu Dancing Zeta and Wenja's Ågot. Third came Multestua Dansende Asaja Pirat.

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