torsdag 7. november 2013

5 weeks headshot and pedigree and COI.

My wonderful friends Heidi and Geir where "puppysitting" last weekend. Heidi and Geir are the family that Asaja lives with in her everyday life. They are giving their dogs a loving active home, training and competing in several disciplines. Asaja's many merits and good results are much thanks to Heidi! (& Geir -for helping and suporting them.)

In two weeks time Geir is going to take one of these puppies home. He is so looking forward too that and counting days. Also I think it's nice for Asaja not having to part with all of her puppies now. <3 The other four will also come too wonderful homes, they will all have active lives and be worked and/or showed. I will keep one girl on a breeder term arrangement.

Heidi and Geir took these beautiful head-photos of the five:

Pink girl - 5 weeks
Champagne girl

Red Girl

Purple girl

Green boy
 I hope to take stacked photos tonight or tomorrow. And present them in the beginning of next week. Next weekend daddy Wallace will come visit from Denmark. For those who want to meet him, you are welcome on saturday around noon. If the wheater is fine, we will have an "outing" (utflukt) with the puppies mum and dad. If the weather don't allow that we willl have an open house between 12-14. All friends and puppybuyers are welcome. Send me an e-mail if you want to come. I will post an adress to where we meet on Friday when we see the weather forecast. 

COI and pedigree

I've been asked about the inbreeding coffisient (COI) of this combination. 
It's remarkable low on full pedigree count in Tollerdata, where it is 0,2123 (=21,23)
In 5 generation pedigree the COI is 0,585
In 6 generation it is 0,923
No single dog has more then 0,195 in 6 generations.

This is a link to the testbreeding in Tollerdata. Where you can see the complete pedigree. :-)

N VCH N UCH Multestua Dansende Asaja Pirat 
(SE N UCH Nitric Fox Approved - NORD UCH N SE VCH NV-12 Shaggy Toller's Keehnu Dancing Zeta)

DK SE UCH NORD JV-12 DKJV-12 Redforesthunter Wallace
(USCH CACH CD(CA) JH(CA) Seastar's Roaneden Darkwater - LP1 LP2 Shaggy Toller's Offshore Bine)

Here are a few photos of Wallace and Asaja together when we was in Denmark in July. 
It was hot in every way ;-), therefor all "open mouth" photos. No problem seeing what a lovely couple they are. The boy puppy Green I think he is a true copy of his father. I look forward to taking picture of them together. <3

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  1. I forgot to say that Wallace will be at Dogs4All on Sunday, so it will be posible to see him there.

  2. I forgot to say that Wallace will be at Dogs4All on Sunday, so it will be posible to see him there.

  3. Spennende med Wallace også på D4A!
    Og de valpene, der er skikkelig til å spise opp! Min favoritt har vært lilla, men på disse bildan e jo rød like skjønn! Og champagne, og rosa og grønn! <3 <3


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